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Reducing costs is no longer enough. Quality, outcomes and evidence need to become driving forces in supply decisions. Excelerate, a provider-led, physician-engaged sourcing model and its "patients first" focus, has established a sustainable approach based upon quality decisions leading to supply chain savings.

We use evidence-based clinical outcomes to select medical products. Fostering clinical alignment between physicians and supply chain delivers significant savings to our members. We achieve all this while always putting the patient first.

Physician-engaged medical product sourcing

Three reasons why Excelerate is different

We deliver to members the best of both worlds: clinical excellence and supply chain savings. Excelerate attains these goals by:

Executing data-driven, best-in-class contracts.
Members have access to the most competitively priced agreements with the most favorable terms and conditions.

Providing peer-to-peer physician engagement that fosters clinical alignment.
Decision support based on real-world data encourages physician buy-in for true culture change.

Offering supply utilization guidelines that decrease clinical variation.
Proprietary guidelines increase standardization and efficiency while reducing waste.

Medical products supply chain

Become an Excelerate member

Health care is changing. Change with it. Excelerate is built on the strength of two industry leaders. The Cleveland Clinic is renowned for clinical excellence and physician-engaged sourcing while Vizient is the nation's largest member-owned health care services company with market-leading contract expertise, robust data analytics and knowledge that spans the continuum of care.

Join a growing list of organizations who are adopting this groundbreaking sourcing model and achieving an average savings of greater than 20% while upholding high levels of clinical care.

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Committed model GPO and PPI

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Improving patient outcomes – together. When your company becomes part of the Excelerate portfolio, you'll gain the insights of decision makers at health care systems across the nation – people who want to decrease variation to improve efficiency and the quality of care they deliver.

Excelerate uses clinical and utilization data to evaluate medical products that deliver the best outcomes and value to Excelerate members.

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Learn more, become more. Facing mounting pressures and continual change, health care systems need innovative sourcing models to sustain success in the new world of value-based care. View information about how Excelerate is changing health care.


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Stay up to date on Excelerate, the achievements of its members and the latest developments in provider-led, physician-engaged sourcing. For media inquiries, please contact us.


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